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Morchu anime girl art

Morchu (Mor Eitan)

Mor Eitan (Morchu on social media) is a freelance artist and visual designer, who has a passion for illustration and UI design. She is known for her cute, anime-inspired artwork, painted in watercolors.

Mor Eitan, Artist and UI Designer

Mor Eitan - Morchu - photo


She obtained a degree in UX/UI and graphic design in November 2020. Based in Israel, Mor currently works as a UI designer in the gaming industry. 

Alongside digital work, Mor enjoys traditional watercolor painting as a hobby, focusing on fan art, anime, fantasy, and original characters. She is a self-taught watercolor artist and illustrator.

Mor is active on Instagram and TikTok under the handle @_morchu, where she shares her artwork and insights into her artistic process, engaging with over 100k+ followers.

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