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Lera Kiryakova artwork

Lera Kiryakova

Lera Kiryakova is a proficient illustrator known for her endearing celebrity portraits crafted in a distinctive, cute cartoon style.

Lera Kiryakova, Freelance Illustrator

Lera Kiryakova photo

Her artwork captures both life-like resemblance of the model and the undeniable cuteness of her unique style.

With over a decade of professional experience, Kiryakova has worked in both the gaming industry and a host of freelance projects. Her specialty is digital painting in Adobe Photoshop, with attention to detail being a hallmark of her work.

Her influence extends to collaborations with industry leaders, including partnerships with Wacom and Copic. In 2019, Kiryakova published her first book, “Portrait with Markers,” featuring original lessons for aspiring artists.

Detailing is my favorite part of painting. Small details can make a really big difference!

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