A minimalist design with minimal impact

Iconic Wabi

Over twenty years ago we first launched Wabi, an original Camper concept aimed at creating a fully circular product by reducing materials and production processes to a minimum.

Wabi Icon

Focusing on materials that are natural, recycled, and recyclable, this iconic Camper favorite continues to improve season after season.

Available as both a sandal and a slipper, Wabi's unique ergonomic design makes it easy to slip on any time of year, whether you're staying in or heading out.

Wabi Sandal

For summer, our iconic Wabi is available as a slip-on sandal. Designed with a circular approach, its unique 20% recycled design is also fully recyclable, ensuring each pair can be recycled and used again to make something new—even another pair of Wabi.

The sandal's one-piece molded structure is made from a single piece of injected TPU plastic. This means zero waste; any waste created during the manufacturing process is recycled to make even more Wabis.

Our Wabi sandal is available with a choice of two footbeds, PU or tatami, a Japanese-inspired material crafted from 80% coconut fiber, 15% natural tatami, and 5% recycled PET—providing natural comfort, a lightweight feel, and enhanced breathability throughout summer.

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Wabi Slipper

Handmade with warm, breathable wool from New Zealand and the UK, our Wabi slipper is designed to keep feet cozy throughout the coldest months of the year. Its simple, slip-on design and 20% recycled rubber outsole provide indoor winter comfort and support our journey to create more responsible products with better natural materials.

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Designed by You. Crafted by Us.

Unleash your creativity and personalize Wabi for yourself or a friend with Camper ONE.


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