How can the artwork created in the workshop be used for education and awareness-raising?

The workshop participants’ drawings and verbal commentary can be used in different ways to support the educational and awareness-raising work of individuals and organisations. For example, they can form the basis of information booklets (see examples on the website), or to illustrate posters, websites, or blogs. All the drawings by one person could be presented together, or else the work by several people may be grouped under common themes. The drawings can be allowed to speak for themselves, or they can be linked to the verbal commentary that was collected during the workshop (or afterwards).

It is important that all participants whose work is used in any of these ways give their informed consent in advance (see ethics and copyright sections below). You may wish to invite the workshop participants to co-produce the materials with you. In any case, it is a good idea to show drafts of the materials to the participants before dissemination in order to avoid misrepresentations.

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